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Based Upon Popular Demand!

2020 Hemp Seed Program

MMH is looking for high quality farmers to participate in our 2020 Hemp Seed Program. Ideally, a farmer will have 20-1,000 acres available to produce hemp seed. Approximately, this will cost $8,000 per acre while generating a gross profit of $20,000 per acre if grown successfully. Space is becoming limited!

FAQ Section

Where is this program available? 

MMH works with farmers across the US. 

Why does the program have a 20 acre minimum? 

MMH provides the farmer a wholesale seed production contract. So, to help ensure the farmer has the proper equipment and experience in place, this minimum has been established.   

I'm a new hemp farmer. Is this program a good option for me? 

Yes, when participating in the program, a farmer will receive free consulting from MMH.